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Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil Traditional Ayurvedic Breast Massage Oil
Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil

Pomegranate Peel Potency

Optimal protection for your breasts depends on naturally healing and protective ingredients. Pomegranate researchers believe pomegranate peel has an unsurpassed ability to protect the breasts. It’s abundance in Vitamin C and other substances provide excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial protection. It’s tannins help lift and firm breast sagging and it’s phytoestrogens may help balance hormones. It’s also abundant in ellagic acid which is being scientifically studied to inhibit breast cancer cells.

The Power of Mustard Seed Oil

Breast health depends on circulation and skin repair. Mustard Seed Oil (Brassica Alba) cleanses the pores, increases circulation and softens the skin. It’s abundance in Omega Alpha 3 and 6 as well as Vitamins A, B and E make it unsurpassed for skin repair. The mustard seed oil gives the breast oil a wonderful warming quality.

Self Breast Massage

Breast massage is vital and multi-functional. It delivers the healing benefits of the oil deep into your breasts while clearing stagnant lymph, promoting circulation and nourishing the cells with blood and oxygen.  The massage motions also lifts sagging breasts by exercising the fine, elastic coopers ligaments in the breast tissue. Last but not least, it releases those “feel good” hormones of oxytocin and serotonin that give you the feeling that all is right in your world.

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I’m Sunny Markham, Breast Health Teacher and Massage Therapist. Breast care is life-changing and my mission is letting everyone know about it!
In my younger years, I enjoyed the natural sensuality and youthful buoyancy of my breasts, and loved the awesome experience of nursing my baby. As the years passed, they were usually lumpy with fibro cysts. I also had a great fear of getting breast cancer. By age 45, they’d started to “deflate” a bit and I figured it was all gonna be downhill from there.
Then in 2006 I met a wise teacher who introduced me to this traditional Indian Ayurvedic oil and the amazing practice of self breast massage. I bought her oil and began to massage my breasts with it. After 2 weeks of this, I was shocked at how enlivened and sensual my breasts had become, and delighted to see they were actually getting shapelier!
I’m 63 now and my breasts have been healthy and lump-free ever since. They’re actually quite elegant and youthful! I love them and will never stop caring for them.

Sunny Markham, Breast Health Educator, Owner of Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil
Sunny Markham brewing Ayurvedic Pomegranate Breast Oil in Texas


I handcraft this traditional Ayurvedic breast oil outdoors in small batches using the traditional Ayurvedic formula and method. It is an intensive, mindful process that can take up to 55 hours.

Ayurveda is the holistic, ancient science of India that seeks to balance the body, mind and spirit. Women in India have been self massaging their breasts with this exact pomegranate breast oil for centuries. I was fortunate enough to undergo training in the proper preparation of the oil, and my mission today is handcrafting the Pomegranate Breast Oil and sharing this brilliant practice.

Legal Disclaimer: This program makes no claims to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease, nor is it subject to FDA or AMA approval.

Our business is Online only, and not a brick and mortar store. We welcome your questions, testimonials and comments.

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