It’s All About Your Breasts

It’s All About Your Breasts

The key to healthy breasts will be here soon by the Power of the Moon.


Dear One,

You want healthy breasts right? You’re reading this newsletter because you’re one of the hundreds of wise women who signed up for it.. You could be someone who’s totally dedicated herself to this breast health practice for years. Or, perhaps you’re somebody who used to be dedicated but has “fallen off” for awhile and aims to start up again. Or, you might be someone who’s truly curious about the validity of breast care, but wants to learn more before diving into it. Wherever you are with your breast care is your personal choice. Are you ready to step it up? There’s something coming for all of you!

Our Shiny New Website

Our shiny new website is here! It features some truly impressive high profile endorsements as well as heart-felt testimonials from users all over the country. You’ll read about the modern science and the centuries-old Ayurvedic tradition of self-breast massage with this oil. I’ll tell you about the certified organic ingredients and why we use them. There’ll be an FAQ section that addresses just about every question that can be asked, and even a picture of me happily brewing the oil. Best of all, you’ll be able to order the Earthsong Pomegranate Breast Oil and the “How To” video.

The power of this practice in a nutshell: Self-Massage with this super-antioxidant, soul-comforting breast oil actively clears stagnant toxins from your breasts as it nourishes and protects the cells. It also activates the “feel good” hormones as it firms and lifts sagging breasts!

A Super-Moon Breast Oil Brew

I’ll be outside brewing Pomegranate Breast Oil under our Spectacular September Super-Moon Eclipse! Astrologers say this rare event will trigger in many of us a deepening sense of awareness regarding our relationships with ourselves, other people and the world around us. As I stir my bubbling pots, I’ll be stirring in the prayer and intention that the oil be imbued with Transformational Blessings for all who use it.

It’s All Coming In Early October!

Be watching for the emailed invitation to my new website and order your bottle(s) as soon as possible, while they last. Many of you who have tried to order recently know I’ve been sold out of the oil. This is because 1 of the 2 ingredients in the breast oil – certified organic mustard oil – has been unavailable for months due to weather conditions where it is grown. In fact, I’ve not been able to brew for quite a while. My long awaited mustard oil supply has thankfully arrived just in time for this auspicious brew.  Remember: Only a limited number of bottles can be produced during the brew.

To Your Shining Heart – And Your Healthy Breasts,


Sunny Markham
The Austin Center for Healthy, Beautiful Breasts

Legal Disclaimer: This program makes no claims to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease, nor is it subject to FDA or AMA approval.

Our business is Online only, and not a brick and mortar store. We welcome your questions, testimonials and comments.

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