Pamphlet: Self-Breast Massage Guide


This printed guide to self-breast massage shows you exactly how to clear stagnant lymph from your breasts while lifting sagging. Self-breast massage is essential for breast anti-aging and supporting breast health and beauty. If you'd like an excellent video to learn the breast self-massage techniques, rent our excellent step-by-step “How To Self Massage Your Breasts” online video!



Self Massage for Optimal Breast Health and Beauty
This little “How To” guides you through 6 simple steps and explains the amazing benefits of each step.

The benefits of Self breast massage are beyond wonderful! This breast care practice should be a part of every woman’s breast health and anti-aging regimen. This charming little Self Breast Massage Guide shows a simple self-breast massage that clears stagnant lymph and naturally lifts sagging breasts. Self-Breast Massage is key to a lifetime of breast health and beauty!
This item is included free with every order. Extra copies are available at $2 each. We also have a “How To Self Massage Your Breasts” online video availble on our site!

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